06/01/2021 Wigan Flashes Local Nature Reserve

Kingfisher: With the sun finally coming out here in Wigan and the baby at the childminders, I was keen to go out for a safe and Covid-secure walk to the flashes and back. I had a typical brief glimpse of electric blue whizz past me up down the canal before approaching a lock-gate where I was treated to a dazzling male kingfisher perched on the wooden walls. 

In area of the canal was still very much unfrozen unlike much of the edges of the actual flashes which is probably why this bird was in his area with plenty of open water to fish in. 
The flashes themselves had the usual stuff, tufted duck,  great-crested grebe, cormorant, shoveler, gadwall and teal. Nothing out of the ordinary  although I didn't spent too long looking, before making my way back home.