Cyprus November 2013

Seven sunny days in Cyprus was awesome, and a place I would recommend. The people are nice the food was good and the birds are brilliant. Dawn and I stayed in Peiya just outside of Paphos, far from my expectations of a British tourist trap full of larger, shooters, bars and clubs! - OK we went out of season, but Paphos is full of culture from it's old Roman ruins to it's many archaeological sites, but most importantly it's birds!

Below details a few key places where we found some great birds.

Avagas Gorge

This place is spectacular, huge chalk walls which resemble swiss cheese, a perfect place to find Wall Creeper's. One of the trips target birds and one of the first birds we came across here. I visited this place several times as it was only 15 minutes up the road from our villa and never saw any Wall Creeper.

Blue Rock Thrush

Black Redstart
 Crested Lark
 Sardinian Warbler

Black Redstart:

Akrotiri Salt Lake

Akrotiri is AWESOME and one of the places anyone would need to go to a few times to really appreciate how good it can be. When I visited  there were over 10,000 flamingo on the lake - then surrounding it is Bishop's pool (and surrounding orchards), Lady's mile, Zakaki marshes, Phassori reedbeds and Akrotiri gravel pits. All accessible by car and they are all connected so anyone can pretty much do them in a circuit around the lake. This is a very large area though, it'll be a good half day to do it all properly and then you can head inland to the hills behind limasol to check the valleys for cyprus warbler and finche's wheatear at the right times of the year.

Greater Flamingo

Paphos Lighthouse Headland

Paphos lighthouse headland is also very good for late migrants, herons, gulls and small wader flocks. And one of the places I visited the most as it is close to all the nice bars and restaurants.

 Golden Plover



Greater Sand Plover

Yellow Legged Gull

Paphos Sewage Works

Smelly and full of flies; the typical sewage works place, but full of some great birds. This is a no public access site but you can view a lot of birds from the road looking in  past the chain link fence. The road continues down past a farm house and turns left towards the coastline and around the back of the airport.

 Spur-winged Lapwing

 Cattle Egret

 Black Francolin
Zitting Cisticola

Anarita Park

I would not really describe this as a park, the place we were directed to was a dirt road which lead up to a goat farm. This farm is in a valley surrounded by some great birds

 Finsch's Wheatear

Black Redstart

Little Owl
Asprokremmos Dam 

This was the place for Pied Kingfisher another one of my target birds and once again another bird I was unable to find. This was the most difficult site to find, there are two entrances one at the top of the dam and another road that runs around the edge. It is this road along the edge which took us to the shallow end of the dam.

 Great White Egret 

Note the Snipe feeding on the edge of the reeds.

 Long Legged Buzzard 

I was also lucky enough to spot both female and male Finsch's Wheatear here.

Black Redstart

Special thanks to Scott Reid for the info about the site and to Jane Stylianou for the insider information and of course Dawn for her ongoing patience.