21/09/2012 Frodsham Marsh

Marsh Harrier: (male) My first day off in a long time took me to Frodsham Marsh.

Pretty quiet really, a huge flock of Greenfinch where flying around weaver bend and on tank.6 there was a few Ruff and Dunlin.

The highlight by far was this stunning male Marsh Harrier off the end of tank.6

02/09/2012 Burton Point

Wheatear: My day at Burton Mere Wetlands begun with great views of the Marsh Harrier then suburb views of a Peregrine and Hobby with a fly by from a Merlin, while of Pectoral Sandpiper was still showing thought the day.

I was treated to a trip to Burton Point to try my luck again at seeing the Little Owls and at long last they were there, sun bathing on the rocks.

We saw two young Owls and a pair of Kestrels in the area and bumped in to a few local birders who were kind enough to lend us their scopes.

The Wheatears where showing well again at the sheep dip pens too.