07/11/2020 Crosby Marina, Liverpool

Long-tailed Duck: Between the busy shops and fast food outlets of South Road in Waterloo and the Antony Gormley cast iron men that stand like soldiers guarding Crosby beach lies Crosby Marina Lake.

The waters of the marine lake often holds good numbers of diving ducks like goldeneye and tufted duck, as well as great crested grebes, and especially after storms, other aquatic specialists taking refuge from bad weather. 

Over the last two years or so there has been a wintering long-tailed duck often on the smaller boating lake keeping away from the much busier activity centre lake. When I saw the bird last year it kept itself to itself and stayed far out in the middle small boating lake, this time the bird was much more confident and showy! 

This was just incredible, I've seen many across the country in my time, but never like this. The bird wasn't bothered by the dog walker, children and passersby. 
With lockdown 2.0 now here it was great to get out with the family, have a pleasant walk outside with the baby and fit in some birding. I couldn't recommend it enough to everyone, if you can keep yourself and others safe get out there and enjoy the autumnal weather.