19/05/2020 Adderbury, Oxfordshire

Hoopoe: It would have been rude not have stopped off for this cracking little bird, considering I was working 15 minutes down the road from it!

Arriving at first light the bird showed well, if briefly a couple of times before performing a disappearing act.

Its beautiful down here, not only did I get lucky with the Mediterranean weather, I got lucky and saw this Mediterranean bird the only thing out of place was the large four wheel drives parked outside of the very well to do leafy suburbs of Oxfordshire.

I watched as the bird was fed on leatherjackets on a well manicured lawn on Rawlins Close, Twyford. Not only did the bird remained pretty distant, the birders who arrived throughout the very early morning kept their 2m distance too! Avery well behaved bunch.

To whom it may concern, you can attend a twitch, put out news of a rare bird and people obey the guidance.....