01/09/2019 Fluke Hall, Pilling, Lancashire

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear: A late morning notification from BirdGuides 'pings' showing a female (presumed) Eastern black-eared wheatear along the sea defences at Fluke Hall, Pilling got the blood flowing!

A quick dash up the M6 and I arrive on a windswept bright seafront with 50 or so birders looking at a rock. No bird in sight.

As it has taken shelter right under a large boulder. With a bit of patience the bird came out and put on a good display before the rains came and the bird returned to its favourite boulder to shelter.

Notoriously difficult to identify there have only been a handful of officially accepted records of black-eared wheatear including the fabulously good looking male down in Hampshire back in May 2015, which I turned down a lift for.
So for now my fingers well and truly crossed for a confirmed notification of black-eared. I've been told that DNA has been taken so for now I will just have to wait.