12/10/2021 Alexandra Park, Oldham

Wood Duck: Working near Oldham today saw me take short detour to Alexandra Park to photograph the drake wood duck that's been there for a couple of days. 
With a break in the weather it was just a good opportunity to get out with the camera, despite the light not being great. 

It was also nice to bump into mark Shuttleworth a local bider from Shaw. 

Has this bird flew across the Atlantic from north america? 

I think not, OK, there is a extremely slim chance it's has but it's very unlikely. 

A few factors to take into consideration, these wonderful looking birds are one of the most popular ornate ducks to be kept in wildfowl collections. 

There is also a small population in parts of Cheshire, with regular sights on the River Weaver and its associated nature reserves such as Marbury Country Park. 

Wood ducks now breed in the UK, although not yet at high enough densities to create a sustainable population. 
Regardless of its original origins this drake its one stunning bird, with its distinctive head patterns and crest it definitely stands out amongst the mallards and coots of Alexandra Park