18/07/2012 Gronant

Reed Bunting: Another fantastic day with volunteering with warden’s at the Little Tern colony despite my bad throat and there were far more Terns here then last week.

We estimated around 200, I also spotted 6 Arctic Terns flying through the colony and Common Scoter flying low over the sea.

There were also 2 Grey Seals bobbing around in the surf just opposite where I was keeping look out for any birds of prey. Luckily this week I didn’t spot any and while I was there we had no attempted attacks on the Tern chicks.

Although worryingly I did spot a stoat in the sand dunes scurrying away from the fenced area, could this be a threat? Possibly, add it to the list, Foxes, Cats, Peregrines and the dreaded Kestrels.

The guys there are always looking for new voluntary wardens please get involved and make a difference.