25/03/2013 Harp Inn/Denhall Quay

Black Redstart: I have been chasing this bloody bird for ages! I remember times where I have wondered off down to Red Rocks on he Wirral searching for it without any luck.

I thinks this is called 'gripped off' in the world of the birder.
I didn't see the report until this morning when I was getting ready for work and was gutted I missed it as I am usually working at BMW on Sundays, but yesterday I spent the day at Martin Mere and thought I may of missed the bird.
Well this time lady luck was with me, I was sent home early from work which was awesome as I headed straight down to Denhall Quay and bumped into the regular gang of local birders who were watching Meadow Pipits, Skylark and a super male Wheatear on the rocks.

We waited about half an hour until we headed back to the car park when we came a cross a guy who had just got a fleeting glimpse, this lifted my spirits as it was now a waiting game, the bird was in the area! I first saw it along the road in a garden where it flew behind the house and landed on the wall, but it was a very nervous bird and kept flying around the gardens and between the houses. I was made up, I came, I saw and I finally bagged the bloody bird.