02/03/2013 Hoylake

Slandering: High tide at Hoylake is always good, OK there are days where the tide just seeps slowing up and not much happens and time the tide forces the wading birds together and they put on an awesome aerobatic display.

Dunlin: Today was somewhere between, the weather was not the best for the tide to come up high, but it was nice for me! Sunny in the morning and bright until afternoon and best of all dry!
 There was tens of thousands of birds out on Hoylake shore and the tide came further then we all expected. There were reports of 400 Grey Plover along with 8000 Dunlin 2000 Knot and loads of Curlew and Redshank.
Redshank: A good day out all round followed by a short trip to New Brighton to check out the Purple Sandpipers.