25/07/2012 Gronant

Ringed Plover: My final day volunteering at the Little Tern colony and yet no more attacks from the Kestrel and all is looking good. Geoff from the RSPB tells me that the colony on the Northern Isles and in Ireland have had disastrous breeding results, affected by the prolonged bad summer weather, predation and usually high tides.

Gronant’s colony will have had bad results compared to previous years but im sure if you compare it to the other UK colonies if they have 60-40 successful fledglings then I would certainly view that as a positive result.

Sedge Warbler: The tide was out during my shift so didn’t see much in the way of sea birds but Ringed Plover can be found all over the site, many with young, one of which was sadly taken by the kestrel today.

Sedge and Reed Warblers where also seen on the salt marsh.
Curlew: There was a flock of about 30-40 Linnet on the salt marsh, a sighting of a Whimbrel and Natter Jack Toad reported by Andy the warden.

There was a huge mass of Oystercatcher on the tide line, I could hear Sandwich Tern but didn’t see any although I was pleased to see a fleeting glimpse of a Grey Wagtail heading towards Talacre.

And a single curlew was briefly seen along the tide line.
I would like to thank Wendy, Andy, Tom and everyone else I have spoken to while there for being very friendly and wish them and the Little Terns all the best.