24/06/2012 Gronant

Little Tern: Theses excellent little sea birds are back at Gronant.  There are about 100 to 120 breeding pairs here at the moment and a handful of Little Ringed Plover all using the secured and protected fenced RSPB area.

The site is owned and managed by Denbigshire Rangers.

Theses little stunners are very active and where feeding just meters off shore.

Bee Orchid: I stumbled along this cracking tiny flower among the sand dunes and I was very pleased as this was another life tick.

I started the walk to the Tern colony from Point of Aye which was full of Pyramidal Orchids, Skylark and the odd Reed Bunting but only came across one Bee Orchid.

The Orchid was a little bit passed its sell buy date but was still looking stunning among the grasses of the dunes.

For those who don’t know, theses amazing wild British Orchids produce a pheromone which mimics that of a female bee and has evolved to produce a flower which is meant to resemble a bee to attract male bees.

The bees then attempts to mate with the flower and in so doing transfer pollen between plants. Although here in Britain it is thought that bee orchids only reproduce asexually and the species of bee that the flower evolved to attract is not found here.

Marsh Orchid: Theses have been long in flower at Gronant alongside the boggy parts and naer the ponds. This one I came across was huge, the flower head was at least 50cm.

Pyramidal Orchids where also in flower and in very god numbers all over Gronant, there where everywhere really along that coast sand dune path.