Fuerteventura Trip Report

Red-billed Tropic Bird: Damion Young, Gary Edwards, Patrick Earith and I, all North West birders, planned a trip to Fuerteventura to tick off some of its special birds.
The island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, is home to its own unique endemic bird, the Canary Islands stonechat, and is probably the best place in the world to see the endangered Houbara Bustard.

Houbara Bustard: Three further Macaronesian endemics - plain swift, Berthelot's pipit and Atlantic canary - occur on the island and other specialities include cream-coloured courser, black-bellied sandgrouse, African blue tit and trumpeter finch.

Trumpeter Finch: We had a very successful trip, with all targets except Barbary falcon and the canary seen, and we couldn't ague with the superb view we had of the birds, especially the tropic bird and bustard.
Canary Islands Stonechat: The undoubted highlight was how lucky we got to see the tropic bird at such close range. Possibly one of the best breeding birds in Europe.
Berthelot's Pipit: If you would like to see a lot more images and read about our trip, please click on the link below or see my holidays trip reports at the foot of my blog.