Gambia Trip Report

Blue-breasted Kingfisher: Hello all, please check out my Gambian trip report, simnply go the the bottom on my blog and under the holiday and trip reports you will see the link to The Gambia January 2018.
Laughing Dove: I have invluded a vast ammount of images and a detaild account of the trip.
Pygmy Kingfisher: I, along with Gary, Dawn and Garys wife Elise visted several natutre rserves including Abuko Natutre Reserve, Farasutu Forest and Kartong Bird Observatory.
Hooded Vulture: We satyed at the famous Bakotu Hotel near Banjul (the one Chris Packham stays at).
Abyssinian Roller: I managed to see 193 bird spcies including 7 kingfisher species, 5 bee-eater spcies and many more. 
Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleu: Hopfully this might come in handy if someone is planning atrip themselves,  hope its hepls. enjoy.