10/02/2018 Hollingworth Lake, Rochdale

Glaucous Gull: This massive bird just happens to be the second largest gull in the world, after the great black-headed gull.  This species breeds in Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and this individual has decided to winter in Rochdale.
For the past two weeks or so there has been a very obliging juvenile glaucous gull at Hollingworth Lake, near Rochdale in Greater Manchester.
I've put off going to see it for a number of reasons, not least because I spent all last week birding in The Gambia.
Even on a grey, wet Saturday afternoon Hollinhworth Lake was busy, not only with families coming to feed to ducks and gulls and dog walkers enjoying this tranquil little spot, but parking enforcement officers!!

Beware and make sure you pay if you are staying.
When Gary and I arrived the bird was happily standing amongst the local wildfowl and black-headed gulls right off the car park on the concrete ramp leading in to the water.
The bird sat there happily and wasn't bothered by the dog walkers who came down to the waters edge as it just moved off on to the water and then came back.
The bird was almost immobile, and didn't fully take flight until a little girl and her mum came to feed the ducks.
Then the bird became very aggressive towards the black-headed gulls who were masters at steeling the bread, even in mid air.
But don't worry the galuc muscled in and got its fair share.
I never tire of seeing these birds up close like this, its a real winter treat.
The bird enjoying the company of the locals.

25/01/2018 Ashton-in-Makerfield

Hooded Crow: An excellent Greater Manchester  bird first found back in September by Damian Young in St Helens off the East Lancs Road and relocated by Collin Davies, presuming it's the same bird - two top local birders.

The bird can now been seen off Heath Road and regularly forages in the playing field opposite the Eagle & Child pub.

A great local bird to connect with.