12/05/2017 Lynemouth Flash, Northumberland

Citrine Wagtail: How does that saying go?.....
You wait for one Citrine Wag and two come along in the same week....well something like that anyway.
After wasting most of our morning in Seahouses I was keen to see something decent and rescue our day, so we decided to go down and see this female citwag that has been reportedly showing well.
As we arrived in Lynemouth and during our car journey down we searched for directions, postcodes and any information we could find on this flash. The truth is, it ain't no flash, it's more of a flooded field. This was probably part of the reason we struggled to find the place.

However I sent a tweet out to some top blokes who got back to me promptly. Cheers again to Sam Viles and Andrew Kinghorn for their help, if we are ever in the Crown and Anchor I owe you a pint.
Almost as soon as we arrived the bird performed brilliantly and gave us all some stonking views.
I was particularly thrilled as this was my second UK citwag and the first bird was seen at some distance and in a hazy, grassy area.
So all in all a great night away with one new addition to the UK life list and a second round with a top bird. It also means that I will have to come back up to Northumberland another day to visit Farne, which is always a good thing.