26/03/2017 Carr Lane Pools, Cheshire

Garganey: Firstly let me point out the poor quality of these images, most have been taken through my old spotting scope with my Iphone, held by hand.

Secondly I would like to express my disappointment as when I arrived at Carr Lane this morning hoping for seconds on yesterday's Lapland Bunting there were folk walking along the hedge and in the field, hoping to flush the bird.

Unsurprisingly the Lapbunt has been much more illusive today unlike yesterday when it spent most of the day in the same area and showed quite well.

That aside after three recent attempts at seeing the drake Garganey, which has been on both Carr Lane Pools, and the newly named Ibis Pool, I was pleased to finally pick it up.
Water Pipit: I was told the Garganey was flushed from the Ibis Pool by a birder who was walking along the bank, near the bridge. I guess he did me a favour as the bird came on to Carr Lane Pools and was visible from Town Lane. However the bird was very settled and slept for most of the hour that I watched it.

Merlin: Two Water Pipits were also present, as well as this Merlin who was perched on the telegraph pole off Carr Lane.

A nice day out overall, with stunning blue skies, decent birds and friendly faces to say hi to.