22/02/2017 Martin Mere WWT

Brambling: It's been ages since I have been down to Martin Mere, but despite the poor weather and a very surly man on the reception desk I had an enjoyable afternoon.
My main reason for going was to see the long staying Brambling that has been frequenting the bird feeders at the Janet Kear Hide, the fact I was surveying in the area was just a nice coincidence.
This smashing male didn't disappoint, after only a short wait of around 30 minutes the bird appeared on the right hand side of the hide.
Shame about the cage over the feeders, but never mind it's not everyday you see such a stunning bird.

Black-tailed Godwit: After having my fill of the Brambling I walked down to other hides and made sure I checked the grassy bank between the Janet Kear and the Gladstone Hide as there had recently been a show Woodcock.

Unfortunately I was unable to relocate the Woodcock but as a little bit of a brucy-bonus I spent a while watching some BTG up close and personal.

From the new Swanlink Hide there were around eight BTG and four Ruff foraging around the rocky edge of the shoreline.

Two of the Godwit put on a brilliant fighting display, where they hunched down low and flared their black tail, raising it above their heads while calling. It seemed that if this display didn't work they would fly at each other and one would be pushed away.
I love Godwit, particularly BTW, they remind me of the Dee Estuary and the time I spent working at Burton Mere Wetlands. Good memories.
Ruff: Even the Ruff were fighting, however they were just aggressively displaying and they didn't actually come to fisty-cuffs.
I must make the use of my membership more often and make more regular trips to this lovely nature reserve.