05/02/2017 Fylde, Lancashire

White-fronted Geese: Today myself and Patrick embarked upon a proper wild goose chase, and chase we did!

We were hoping to see the long staying Snow Goose and Red-breasted Goose that has been frequenting the fields around Nateby and Pilling.

Unfortunately we didn't see our target geese, not helped by the fact that no information was put out on the news service until 12.48, stating that the Red-breasted Goose had been seen at 09.00 in a nearby field. By which time it had long gone!

I took solace in the fact it was a stunning day, if a little cold and we got some cracking views of some really nice White Fronts.

We had a total of six white fronts in a field and several hundred pink-feet in the surrounding fields, however it was stated that there are less now then there had been.
Pink-footed Geese: We chased flocks of geese all over this area and kept checking the fields that both birds are known to have been in. For example the Snow Goose favors the field next to the entrance of Woodlands Country Park and we kept a close eye on this field.
Greylag Goose: Although there was no sign of the Snow Goose, which is probably an escapee anyway there were plenty of Greylag, one with a neck ring 'PZT'.

Black Redstart: It was also good to catch up with the long staying Black Redstart that has taken up residence in one of the most popular wintering Black Redstarts sites, at Knott End, Pilling.

Not to worry as I'm sure the Red-breasted Goose is still in the area and the Snow Goose was reported back in its favored field so tomorrow I will make the most of the sunshine and head out again on another wild goose chase.