21/01/2017 North Shields Fish Quay

Glaucous Gull: From East Chevington I was keen to head back via North Shields Fish Quay in order to see the two juvenile Glaucs that have been hanging around for the past few weeks.
Take a look at this beast, can you blame me for wanting to come and see them. Those who know me know I have a thing for gulls and although I have seen plenty of Glaucs I have never had them at such close quarters.

The first bird I caught sight of was loafing aloft the roof of the fish quay docks before flying down on to the water giving me a good chance to see up close it's broad wings and diagnostic pink bill with it's 'dipped in ink' black tip.
The second bird appeared out of nowhere and began to feed on some bread that a passerby was throwing out to the birds. This is when I swooped in and got these shots as the birds came closer.
I got talking to a local who has been watching the birds on the quay and informed me that the two juv Glaucs are distinctly different in size and that there has been a juv Iceland Gull knocking about on the quay too, however this has not been around for a couple of days.
I wasn't overly disappointed with the lack of an Iceland Gull as both these Glaucs put on a real good show.

Here is another shot of the birds broad, short, narrow white wings.
Take a look at that distinct tertial step, followed by its relatively short primaries which are longer then it's tail all features of a Glauc. I've seen all these features before and picked out plenty of Glaucs from Iceland but always from a distance either at Moore NR or Richmond Bank.
This individual appeared to have a doggy leg and was limping around before laying down to rest on the quayside itself.

It was a real pleasure to get up close to a bird I have only really seen at a distance, this was great end to the day (despite any footballing upsets).