05/12/2016 Beeley Village, Derbyshire

Dusky Thrush: Yesterday saw three great birds turn up, the Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire, the Brown Shrike in Cumbria - that was soon downgraded to a Red-backed Shrike and the American Golden Plover, of which the only one I needed was the Dusky Thrush.
So after picking up positive news first thing this morning Dawn and I took off to the village of Beeley in search of the very rare vagrant. This is clearly the first recorded for Derbyshire but also appears to be the 12th for Britain after the bird on St. Mary's this October.

After joining the crowds around the village church we were tipped off that the bird had been feeding on apples in a nearby orchard so we moved off and set up camp there.

We didn't have to wait too long before the bird made an appearance and flew into an apple tree to feed.

Although the bird didnt stop long it did make another appearance after 40 minutes or so in the same tree.

I would like to thank the lady (Rachel Jones) who found the bird and put out the information in order for us all to go and view it.