11/10/2016 Houghton Green Pool

Yellow-browed Warbler: Well done to Colin Davies who does it again and finds yet another local YBW.

Colin shows us that if you put the time in and look hard enough and be patient you will soon find something of interest.

The bird was typically very elusive and often gone for long periods, it is located in the corner near Cloverdell foraging in the Sycamores and Hawthorn bushes and at times can be found in the Willow.
I woke up today hoping to see another YBW, especially after missing the Pennington Flash bird due to attending Destination Star Trek Europe in Birmingham over the weekend, my first Star Trek convention.
YBW are famously tricky birds to grab an image of, they are particularly small birds who seem to be Duracell operated and don't stop moving as they forage within thick trees and bushes.
They are also brilliant little birds and one of my favourites.