09/09/2016 Houghton Green Pool

Yellow Wagtail: After a very early 3.30am start for a bat survey and then battling the M6 during rush hour, I decided to spend the rest of my early morning at Houghton Green.

Almost as soon as I entered the arable field of which contains a large oat crop I could hear  the distinct call of Yellow Wags coming from within the crop.

I was really hoping I might get lucky on this site, espceislaly as there has been several Curlew Sandpiper and Wood Sands in the nearby-ish Manchester Mosses.
But alas, no sign of anything scarce, just the usual Greenshank and this time 4 Green Sandpiper and no sign of the Ruff which as been on the pool for a few weeks.

Other highlights included 7 Grey Partridge and 2 Teal.
However I did get a chance to get up close and photograph this splendid Yellow Wagtail who as happily foraging around the edge of the pool.

There has been a few local lads keeping a close eye on this site recently so I will keep my fingers crossed one of us will pick something exciting up here, it's a modest site but has some potential.