14/05/2016 Lands End, Cornwall

Dalmatian Pelican: Well this week turned out to be a blinder!

First the Caspian Stonechat then the Dove and now this beaut.
I've twitched Cornwall several times now and usually seem to have bad luck down here but not this time!
It's a hell of a long way and I left with Frank Duff and friend Dave at 2030 and arrived in Cornwall around 0530, we had a short nap and didn't have to wait long to see the bird. We then left at 0830 and I arrived back in Wigan around 1630.
It was a long journey but well worth it, even if the bird is plastic and doesn't get accepted by BBRC - It's not everyday you see a Pelican flying around the UK shores.
It was like watching a small plane come in to view and glide off.