19/03/2016 Trafford Park Hotel, Trafford

Black Redstart: After dropping Dawn off in Manchester I had a free pass for an hour, so I decided to pick Jon up and head across town for the black red that was found yesterday by Steve Burke on the disused Trafford Park Hotel.
Trafford Park Hotel is a lovely looking brick red Grade II listed building with a bit of checkered past, it's had a number of squatters occupy its derelict rooms and has even been used as a small Cannabis growing factory back in 2011.
The black red didn't seem to mind the piles of rubbish, broken bottles and full black bin liners that adorned the hotel grounds. However the bird was happy feeding amongst the trash and posing on the industrial structures of Trafford Park Hotel, a fitting scene.

While Jon and I enjoyed the views of the bird we heard someone galloping around the corner, a young lad with a huge grin on his face. This was very enthusiastic and very keen birder Joel Tregan.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Joel and his mum who were both lovely to talk to, keep the good work up.

Great find Steve.