20/02/2016 Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy

Black Redstart: Despite todays relentless rain Dawn and I joined my little sister (Kirstin) and her fella (Sam) on a double date to North Wales.

We spent most of the day in the amusement arcade on Llandudno Pier but I managed to convince the group that it would be rude not to go and see the local bird life too!
So on our way home we stopped at the white house with the monkey puzzle tree on the promenade at Rhos-on-Sea for the female black red. Here I bumped in to Anglesey's finest, Stephen Culley who was sure he had seen two birds; a male and female, so well worth keeping your eyes peeled if you're taking a walk down there.
I even managed a quick trip to Kinmel Bay for the beautiful Snow bunting but in fading light and bad weather I decided the pictures were rubbish.

Despite the rain and wind, the black red not showing as well as I was hoping and spending a small fortune in the 2p machines we all had a great day.