01/12/2015 West Kirby Marina Lake

Great Crested Grebe: After yesterdays dreadful weather I was keen to get out of the house and do a spot of birding.
So after a quick ramble around my local patch, Kingsdown Flash and with not much showing I decided to pay the toll and go across to the Wirral.
Red Breasted Merganser: Once I arrived I immediately spotted the mergs, one stunning male and 4 windswept females.

They came relatively close but it was the GCG that stole the show. 

As I wandered across to the far side of the lake one GCG came right up to me and started fishing, it eventually caught one and chugged it down.

Brilliant behaviour to watch.

Red-throated Diver: The RTD on the other hand kept its distant and floated about pretty much in the middle of the lake.

Even when the wind surfers came out it still stayed out of reach.
Cormorant: The lake must be rich in food stuffs as this guy was also catching and eating fish and before I left I saw the mergs catching some kind shrimp.