12/07/2014 Chatterley Whitfield, Staffordshire

Red-footed Falcon: I was unable to go down yesterday and bag this bird, as I had a wedding to shoot at the time I was a little gutted, but the wedding shoot went very well and I did end up with shots like this today!
Dawn and I arrived around half ten and got on to the bird straight away, not long before Steve Burke and Rob Creek turned up. Rob was quick to show me some of his crippling pictures of the bird he snapped the day before.

I was almost crying, as at this time the bird wasn't moving from his wire perch and looked like he wasn't going to either.

But look what results you can get with some field craft, a lot of patience and little bit of luck.
No pet shop bought crickets required, no baiting necessary!

(In Dawns words we stood their long enough)
The bird spent 90% of its time perched upon the nearby telegraph wires above the horse paddock and bizarrely was walking closer to the crowd of twitchers behind the fence! Usually when you see a bird perched up on a wire it is keen to move off in the opposite detection.