26/02/2015 Pensarn, Conwy

Iceland Gull: This is by far the best view of a large white winged Larus I have ever had, I have seen many down at Moore NR and Richmond Bank but always at a distance.

This bird however was not camera shy!
As soon as Dawn and I arrived at the car park the bird was sitting on the beach within a few feet of us both.

This was before a very inconsiderate dog walker came right past the bird and moved it a bit further up the beach.
We followed it and watched it for a good ten minutes before another dog walker came crashing past us.

I mean it's obvious I am watching this bird, I have my camera at the ready and binoculars strapped around my neck - you don't have to be a brain surgeon to know what we are doing and to have the common sense to stay at a distance and not disturb the bird.

I guess this bird was less bothered than I was as it kept coming back to the same car park and even landed right beside my car!

This image shows it happily loitering around the car park. I guess it was hoping for a free hand out and to stay close to the resident gulls.

We tried for the Surf Scoter from the top of Old Colwyn but could only see a large flock of Common Scoter riding the waves.

 What a cracker!