05/02/2015 New Brighton Marina Lake

Laughing Gull: Isn't it brilliant when the planets aline and a little bit of luck comes your way!

When the news broke a few days ago that this bird was at New Brighton I was gutted I missed it due to work commitments, but today I had a pre-booked day off and got some superb views of this cracking bird.

I arrived just after 8.30am thinking I would put that little bit more effort in to this bird and try and pick it up along Perch Rock, but knowing that the best time would be high tide.

My plan paid off as within an hour of standing in the cold Phill Wollen picked the bird up loafing around the groyne next to the lighthouse. We watched as the tide came closer, pushing the bird further towards Perch Rock.
As the crowds swelled and the regular faces appeared the bird took off and shot straight over the pontoon.

This is what I was waiting for!
The bird didn't look all that well, it looked a little wobbly on its feet and was standing on one leg while dipping a wing and finding it hard to balance.

In stark contrast to when it was flying around, as it looked fine.

The bird was obviously hungry and took off to the far side of the marina lake to join a Black-headed Gull feeding frenzy as some one was feeding the gulls.
After picking up some bread the bird hit the deck and posed for the gathering crowds with their camera.
Eventually the bird went back over to the pontoon and rested until Alan and I had some lunch.

Once we finished the bird decided to go for some more bread and spent the next half an hour or so flying around the lake.
The bird was giving the passers by a real treat as it flew right over our heads, right past our faces so much so you could almost touch it!