09/08/2014 Seeswood Pool, Warwickshire

Night Heron: Feeling disappointed after dipping the BW Prat Garry and I were keen to pick up the Night Heron as we were practically passing the bird on the way back up the M6.
 However finding the site was a real mission, massive thanks to Elise (Garry's better half) who saved the day and directed us when we got lost.
When we arrived the light had almost gone although we didn't have to wait too long before the bird made an appearance. There was a guy there who had been waiting four hours before we arrived and that was the first time he had seen it in all that time.

So I guess our luck kind of changed.

The bird was mooching about on the far side of the lake between the bank and a jetty before a dog walker came ambling past and spooked the bird.

It took off and circled the lake a couple of times before resting on the nearside in a tree on the edge of the lake. Thanks again to Elise who would make a very good sat nav if she ever wanted a career change.