01/08/2014 Liverpool Bay

Gannet: As a Liverpool native, who has lived away from the city since my childhood years, it seemed like a long time since I last set sail on the Mersey.

Common Tern: This time it was under the guidance of Liverpool Bay Marine Trust - a great local charity working across the Mersey, Wirral, Dee and across to Morecambe and are dedicated to the study of its biodiversity and educating the public.

Our route took us up the Mersey and out of the estuary towards the nearby wind farm and down to Hilbre and back.

The first interesting birds we came across were tons of Common Tern fishing in the Mersey.

Gannet: As we approached the wind turbines we spotted several adult Gannet loafing around on the water. Probably too full of fish to soar off in to the distance. We also saw plenty of Common and Sandwich Tern around this area.

Grey Seal: The signature mammal of the Dee and Hilbre; the Grey Seal, bobbing up and down around the boat while we stopped for a breather off Hilbre.
Here we spotted this female Common Scoter and a male on the other side, both really close to the island. We also got super views of Ringed Plover and Dunlin flocking past the boat.

Sandwich Tern: After a quick cup of tea and some awesome views of the seals the we took the boat all the way around Hilbre where we saw hundreds of Turnstone, Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Knot roosting on the red cliffs and ledges of Hilbre.

Dunlin: Unfortunately we didn't see any cetaceans and at times it was wet, very wet! But that didn't dampen the spirits of the boat's enthusiastic passengers.  
Overall the trip was a fantastic reminder of what a wonderful part of the world I live in and how proud we should be of it. I would recommend anyone to check out the fantastic work of Liverpool Bay Marine Trust.

They are involved in some really exciting projects from shark tagging and cetacean monitoring, so get in touch and get involved people!!