21/06/2014 Crosby Marina Lake

Common Swift: After Pete Kinsella's excellent work finding a 1st summer Caspian Gull at Crosby, Dawn and I decided to spend a sunny Saturday down by the marina lake.
When we arrived we were surrounded by huge numbers of passerines and was astonished how low and fast Swift would actually come.
Dawn and I scanned over the small flocks of gulls loafing around on the border pool next to the larger Marina Lake for the caspo. However I was getting very distracted photographing these awesome Swift zooming past our heads.

Herring Gull: After a long search and some time scratching our heads we came across this bird. Distinctively different from the resident juv Herring Gulls but yet not quite what I was hoping for.

We monitored the bird until it came closer and until it took to the sky and still I wasn't convinced.  I have recently showed it to Pete who assures me it is a Herring Gull.
As I suspected a Herring Gull! Or is it a  worn 2CY Lesser Black-backed?? Bloody gulls