26/05/2014 Elton Reservoir, Bury

Little Bittern: I was gutted yesterday when I saw the news come through as I had a photography gig at Anfield no less, and couldn't pass that opportunity up not even for a Little Bittern.
However I was relieved after missing the bird the first day, to catch up with it the next day and in the lovely bank holiday sunshine and only after a relatively short wait.
Whats weird is that I was surrounded by these cracking birds a few weeks ago in Croatia but unable to get a good enough view to get any pictures, as they were always flying away! And here one is up the road and showing well, brilliant.
Elton res has been throwing up some excellent birds over the last few weeks - I wonder what will be next?

17/05/2014 Elton Reservoir, Bury

White Winged Black Tern: What a cracking birthday pressie, my first white wing Tern on my first visit to Elton res not one but two.

No morning cup of tea, breakfast or time to have a proper wash, and I was out winging my way to Bury.
The little buggers were incredibly difficult to photograph, small and fast and non stop as they chased small insects across the top of the water.
It was nice to bump in to Dennis Atherton and co who had the pleasure of a free day, me on the other hand could only spare half an hour before heading back to some family commitments.

03/05/2014 Winwick, Warrington

Yellow Wagtail: After spending a few days trying for a  few decent shots of Yellow Wags down Barrow, one finally came close enough to reel off a few decent frames.
Also flushed a couple of Grey Partridge and spotted several Yellow Hammer.