27/04/2014 Leighton Moss RSPB

Black Tern: After working last weekend I was keen to get out and bag a decent bird. OK a Black Tern is by no means a Collard Pratincole or Alpine Accentor, but they are special little birds.

This beauty was showing well, if a little distant from a very busy and very noisy Lillian's Hide! After getting a few record shots it was nice to retreat to the quiet of the wider reserve.

It was good to bump in to Kev Kelly who pointed me in the direction of a Cetti's Warbler and Common Redstart, of which I could only locate the Cetti's.

I then went on to locking my keys in my car and then after some help (cheers Garry) I got some assistance from the AA, I was fuming with myself as I thought I was going to miss the match!  Luckily I bumped in to Allan who accompanied me to the nearest local pub where we watched Liverpool fail to break down Chelsea. Good company despite him being a blue, rubbish result!