18/04/2014 Wigan Flashes

Red-crested Pochard: Good weather for good Friday and I was hoping for some good birds!

First stop Wigan Flashes, its only up the road however it's a place I rarely visit.

The flash was stunning first thing, before the dog walkers and scally's on their bikes. Willow Warbler were in full song, buzzing bees and butterfly's surrounded me as they charged up in the morning sun.
Willow Warbler: The pair of RC Pochard were right out in the middle of Pearson's Flash continually diving and feeding on the vegetation they brought up from the depths.

I then decided to head back to Dovestone with hope that I will finally bag myself the Two Barred Crossbill - however I missed the mid morning sighting and after another long wait I had to call it a day and head back home.