13/04/2014 Famborough Head

Crag Martin: When you wake up at 2am after only 3 hours of sleep then cram yourself into a rammed car, sandwiched between two sleepy birders you do think 'bloody hell why do I put myself through this?'

But the early start really paid off as when we arrived at North Landing just after 6am we were only waiting half an hour or so before the sun rose and the Crag Martin made an appearance.

The views were sensational as the bird flew only a few metres from us before heading towards South Landing. We then took off for the south when news made it our way of the Tawny showing well on the other side of the golf course, we picked up our pace towards the Tawny when the Crag Martin whizzed passed us once more.

Tawny Pipit: The Tawny was happily showing itself for some photos before a keen birder who needed the Crag Martin ran passed and spooked it.

A quality two tick day - cheers to Mr Payne, Frank Duff, Al and Rodger all quality lads.

Definitely worth the early rise!