12/04/2014 Pendle Hill

Dotterel: A day off with the Mrs and I was lucky enough to have dragged her up Pendle Hill in what seemed like gale force winds.

After a steep and tiring hike Dawn and I made it to the summit where I found a local birder who kindly informed me that he had just been watching the bird until a dog spooked it and it flew off, gutted.

Looking over at a very unhappy, windswept Dawn I started to think 'bloody hell if I don't relocate it I am in for it!'

After a while scanning across the summit I found the bird actively feeding among a small gully between the white summit point post and the stone walls.

However we were keen to get out of the wind and down the hill and in our haste I missed some Ring Ouzel - but never mind I was happy to have just picked up this beauty.