04/01/2014 Broomhead Reservoir

Red Grouse: Not long now until I go back to work, and I am keen to get out and make the most of my time off and fit as much birding in as possible!

So Dawn and I decided to go to Broomhead in search of Two Barred and Common Crossbill.

On the way up over Woodhead we spotted several Red Grouse looking as equally unimpressed as me with the dark, dank weather conditions.
Common Crossbill: And FINALLY after chasing Common Xbill for a while now, and taking the stick that comes with not having them on my list, here we have it, Common Xbill.
Along with this flock of around 20 commons I spotted three Two Barred Xbill showing within the dim light of the forest before getting scared away by a low flying Woodcock.

I am made up I saw the Cmmon Xbills but even more happier that I saw the Clitheroe Two Barred the light was much better and the bird was much more confiding.