01/10/2013 Leasowe Lighthouse

Yellow-browed Warbler:  I placed my bets today on seeing a YBW on the Wirral over the Red Necked Grebe at Marton Mere.

I struck luck as one turned up at Leasowe, where I also bumped in to Scott, Liam and Allan to name a few.

In my opinion this is one of the most stunning LBJ's I have come across. But what a total bugger to pin down. This individual was almost totally silent and extremely elusive and when it does make an appearance everyone sees the bird but me!

I was gutted - better directions needed, but after another long wait the bird came back and gave me some stunning views and after not seeing it the first time I decided to put the camera down and enjoy the bird.

The bird showed for several minutes before becoming invisible again as it skulked behind the bush. After another short appearance when the bird came back this time foraging on the ground I decided its time to take a few pics, these are the best I could do! Gives me something to improve on for my next YBW.