21/08/2013 The River Dee, Connah's Quay, Dock Road

Common Dolphin: What a totally awesome evening chasing after Dave the dolphin in the Dee.

I first went to Saltney Ferry Road foot bridge which stretches over the Dee and bumped in to two fellow dolphin watchers who told me its was seen back in Chester half an hour ago! So back to Chester I went!
After a quick search I released the dolphin was not in this area so headed back to Saltney Ferry Road foot bridge and was told again its now up at Connah's Quay, I had nothing to loose so bombed it up to Dock Road were large group of people had formed to watch.
When I finally caught up with the dolphin  it was happily feeding between the jetties and the rocks, but moving down river.
Myself and Richard Miller a fellow photographer followed it down river until it reached an outcrop of rocks where the dolphin began to hunt, we even saw small silver fish jumping out of the water while it chased them.

The dolphin came unbelievably close, less then 20-30 yards and showed really well in this area for about 30 minutes before it headed back up river and settled right opposite Dock Road car park, where the crowds grew larger.

I'm not too sure who named the Dolphin Dave, but I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing it well and hoping it finds it's way back to sea.