09/04/2013 Martin Mere WWT

Ruff: We soon wandered down to Martin Mere were I am still astonished to see how variable Ruff are, I mean if you were no birder you would not be mistaken to think they are a different species.

Take a look at this pale white ruff, absolutely stunning.
This darker Ruff's plumage looks nothing like what you would see in most books, from the Swan Link Hide we spotted at least 2 white headed Ruff 4 dark phase Ruff and at least 15  brown Ruff.

And look at this Ruff, presumably the females with their brown plumage phase. There were loads of theses normal looking Ruff, some with a white fronted face and others without. Even their legs can be different colors making identification even more tricky!
Lapwing: Other waders from the Swan Link Hide induced this Lapwing which unlike the Ruff  blackwit was very flighty.
Black Tailed Godwit: There was half a dozen blackwits from here too and once again put on a great show foraging right up close. We caught 2 Tawny Owl near the United Utilities Hide a Stoat and a female Wheatear all in the same area.
One thing that was striking was the lack of Whooper Swans from the last time I was here there was about 100 and this was only about 2 weeks ago . We only saw one pair from the Swan Link and one pair from the United Utilities Hide.
Spoonbill: I was made up to spot this Spoonbill knowing we had missed it earlier that day at Marshisde.

On the way home Scott said 'lets go see some Corn Buntings' and I said 'OK, but I doubt we will see any' and just as that sentence left my lips he said 'Oh, look over there' and there was a tree full of Corn Buntings.

Brilliant, two lifers in one day Corn Bunts and Black Grouse now that can't be bad!