03/04/2013 Southend Pier

Mediterranean Gull: If I could give anyone a tip when visiting Southend it would be to make the effort and go down to the pier.

Firstly its ace! Its sells old school sweets, you can choose to walk or take the cool train or do both. It is also the longest pier in Europe, I think.

Secondly its famous for Mediterranean Gull as they can be spotted all over it. I saw this stunning 2nd winter bird flying around the pier head - notice the black flecks on its wings and incomplete hood.

Thirdly there's always birds on or around the pier, along with the gulls I spotted 4 Great Crested Grebes on the sea and while I was there I saw reports of mixed divers along the same stretch of sea. I've been in the summer when it is full of Common Tern and Turnstone!

One place not to miss!