17/02/2013 Flint Castle

Twite: I think these birds are stunning, OK they are little and brown and some people may say they are just little brown jobs!

But they are great and they are rare, and thats what makes them that little bit more awesome. There was a man at Flint Castle roday from the BTO - he was one of the guys who had spent sometime ringing these birds on Snowdonia and claimed that this was probably the whole Welsh breeding population.
There were at least 50 birds seen on and around the castle today and they where showing really well.

When I first arrived they where loitering on the castle itself then they flew on the meadow where they were feeding.

I struggled at first to get a pic as they were so well camouflaged in the grass. Then I got lucky and they moved up in to the trees right next to the car park, BRILLIANT.

Some of the birds had colur rings and other silver BTO rings, the guy from the BTO asked me to send him any sightings of the rings spotted on the birds to kelvin.jones@bto.org if anyone else spots any please do the same, cheers.