20/11/2012 Chester Business Park

Waxwing: Wonderful Waxwings have finally made it to Chester and again on my split shift i grabbed my camera and headed off to Chester Business Park where over twenty of the beauties had be seen between MBNA and Natwest.
I took a very long walk around the place and didn’t see or hear any sign of them or any other birders but I didn’t give up these birds have an effect on me and other birders.
Perhaps it’s the way they look theses birds are stunning with their colourful wing tips and Jimmy Hendrix hair doo! Well more like Jedwood. Or perhaps because they are approachable as they pose while stuffing their beaks on berry trees just feet away from your lens. Or maybe it’s because they are rare but seen regularly in town centres, car parks and anywhere else you wouldn’t find a tropical crazy looking bird.
For me it’s their attitude and personality they are cool and colourful little characters.
I could only find a modest flock of five but they still put on a good show, there might have been more as Chester Business Park is pretty big. These birds where spotted alongside the main road through the park near Regents Building and opposite MBNA.

 Brilliant, beautiful, bohemian waxwing