13/11/2012 Warrington, Milner Street

Waxwing: What brilliant birds, not only are they stunning and scarce but when they turn up on our small damp island they cause us birders to do a little twitching!
They are known to turn up on industrial estates, car parks and in this case next to a Kia garage and opposite the Honda garage along a business estate in Warrington.
There were about 50+ birds which were in a large American Plane Tree and seemed to be scouting the areas by flying short distances off their perches then back again. They then decided to descend only a metre away from me on a berry tree polishing off the fruit.
I arrived around 1330 and the birds stayed until around 1410 and then flew off out of sight, I came back about 40 minutes later and they were back on their American Plane Tree.

What a super bird! Brilliant day and the £10 well spent (train fare) I just wished the lighting was better as I’m not thrilled with my results, the pictures are grainy and the colours on the birds is not as vivid. Perhaps ill get lucky again when the weather improves.

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