16,17,18/03/2012 Coniston Lake District

Great Spotted Woodpecker: A three night stay at a beautiful cottage in Coniston with Dawn and friends turned out to be one of the best birding trips I have had in a very long time.

In the garden of the cottage there was one feeder and we where supplied with bird feed which turned out to be very productive. Almost as soon as it was topped up we had a visit from a GS Woodpecker and a vast array of garden birds who stripped the feeder in hours.

Nuthatch: Nuthatch where also very active on the feeders theses guys are very fast and I never really realised how big they are, compared to the other garden birds.

Coal Tit: A first for the year for me and great to see so close up. I was really impressed with the garden and feeder.

Dipper: on the second day we all took a trip to Coniston Lake and came across a fast flowing stream where there was two very active dipper possible a breeding  pair as I saw them collecting nesting material.

This bird was another lifer for me and what a star bird. Supurb.

Great Tit: Taken from the window. This was a gret place to drink tea in front of thetal haeting and set great close shots.

Willow Tit: After spending hours awaiting a glimpses  of one of theses guys at Martin Mere is was really pleasing to see so many so close up at the cottage.

At least 3 Willow Tits where regular visitors and where not shy as they fed off theround around my feet and off the bench right in front of me.

Willow Tit & Coal Tit: Another picture taken from the window with a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea while standing infront of the heating.

Siskin: This female was only seen once on the first day for only a few seconds and then on the last day as we were leaving so it was a quick dash for the camera.

The stunning yellow male was hanging around the bushes but did not go to the feeders. It was such a shame but still great to see the female at close quarters.

Tawny Owl: On the first night i got the whole house in to the garden to listen to two Tawny Owls calling which inspired me to get up at 5.30am on the last day.

And what a great decision, as I saw three Tawny Owls very close up perching and in flight and hared them making some hell of a noise, possibly a territorial or threat call.
Willow Tit: Other birds of intrest where 2 Kingfisher, 1 female Goosander, Golden Eye, Tuffted Duck and  GC Grebe on Coniston Water.

And thanks to Sam we spotted a Deer along the roadside we think it might of been a Roe Deer. Great find in s stunning place.

Snow Bunting: After a gruelling climb up The Old Man of Coniston I was delighted to see a flock of Snow Bunting at the summit.

Unfortunately the weather closed in just as I reached the top, behind Dawn I may add so they pic was a bit fuzzy but sill great record shot of a great bird in a great place.