29/08/2014 Pennington Flash

Garganey:  Finally connected with the female Garganey that has been frequenting Ramsdale scrape.
Green Sandpiper: I stayed and watched the Garganey feeding for about half an hour before clambering on one of the islands to have a sleep.
From there I moved on to Teal Hide and was treated to not only some excellent views of two green sands but there was a pair of Kingfisher who were very active and very showy.
Kingfisher: The pair were happily perching on the posts around teal bay.

This week as been awesome for Kingfisher at Penny one of the few birds that capture non-birders excitement and a bird I always like to see.

They are just beauties.

27/08/2014 Hoylake

Little Stint: There was a huge flock of large gulls which I spent some time scanning through but was unable to pick out anything interesting. However I spent most of my time scanning over flocks of Dunlin looking for yesterday's Curlew Sandpiper, not this time but I picked up a Little Stint scurrying between the Dunlin.

Now I know dog walkers on this part of the Wirral can be troublesome, but this guy took the biscuit, as I was standing my distance from the Stint snapping away he let all four of his loud barking dogs loose which ran straight towards me!

One dog in particular took a fancy to me and started jumping all over me, all over my new coat and all over my camera. Not only was I now covered in mud and sand but the Stint took off and was long gone.

25/08/2014 Pennington Flash

Kingfisher: A lovely bank holiday Monday morning spent at penny, despite the weather it was full of activity.

With some great views of Common Tern from Horrocks and at least 6 Willow Warbler and a family of Backcap from Ramsdales.

Although I was unable to connect with the Garganey I was treated to some brilliant views of the local Kingfishers.

There were three zooming around Ramsdales, if it was a bright clear morning these would have been my best Kingfisher images, but alas I had to make do with the wet, gray, dull conditions.

24/08/2014 Bridgemere Garden Center, Cheshire

Red Legged Partridge: During my time training a new CWT recruiter over the bank holiday weekend I stumbled across this family of partridge.
I counted five young scurrying across the yard with only one adult.

22/08/2014 Horwich Moors

Spotted Flycatcher: My second trip up to Horwich and I finally found where all the birds are hiding up there.

I parked at Wilderswood car park where I came upon 4 spot fly when I decided to walk up to the mast.
Wheatear: A short but knackering walk up the hill towards the mast really paid off, not only did I spot three Wheatear on the way up I also bumped into Andy Makin and Dan Brown, the men of the hill!
Andy and Dan were ace, kind enough to share all the prime sites and where to see some cracking birds before giving me a lift down the hill.

Thanks again guys, really valuable information I might see you up there come vis mig!

21/08/2014 Houghton Green Pool

Ruff: I was hoping for a few common sands however the only wader around the edges was this single Ruff.

Being my first Ruff at Houghton pool I was happy to take that trade and spend an hour snapping the bird.
The most notable thing was the shear amount of hirundines flying over the pool. Tons of Swallow and House Martin with a smaller number of Sand Martin among them.
Sand Martin:  I set myself the challenge of capturing an image of one of the hirundines swooping over the pool, so I sat on the edge of the bank facing in to the wind and snapped away.
Pied Wagtail: While sitting there getting frustrated with my inability of freezing an in-focus image of a Swallow, a huge flock of Linnet started feeding in the grass on the far bank and a family of pied wags came rather close.

17/08/2014 North Wirral Coast

Dunlin: With the weather report saying that the North West will be receiving some strong winds I decided to record the match and spend this bright day outdoors.
Ringed Plover: I went straight to New Brighton and pitched up beside the lifeboat station and spent a couple of hours sea watching.

The highlights were a couple of distant Gannet, no Manxies unfortunately.

From there I drove around to Leasowe and did a couple of circuits around the horse paddocks. Here there was a large flock of Linnet and a few pied wags, but no migrants.
Oystercatcher: I did however get some nice views of some common waders as they hunkered down waiting for tide to retreat.

16/08/2014 Pennington Flash

Roe Deer: Another trip around penny with John where we started at Ramsdale Hide in search of the Garganey which we dipped.

Green Sandpiper: Moving on to Teal Hide we spotted the same number of green sands as the other day, three still feeding around the edges.
And the buck Roe was still lurking around giving everyone in the hide a smile as it popped its head around the corner of a nearby bush.

John and I then moved on up to Horwich Moor hoping to see the fall of Spotted Flycatcher's and Redstart.

12/08/2014 Pennington Flash

Green Sandpiper: A nice day off and a nice trip around penny through up some surprises.

Nice to see three green sands bobbing around the edges of teal scrape.
Two of these guys kept their distance roosting on the far bank while one of them came pretty close before getting spooked by a gang of Mallard which were busily flapping.

Roe Deer:  The biggest surprise was watching a pair of Roe that appeared out of nowhere and started running around the edges of teal scrape.

Dawn and I enjoyed watching them jumping through the water and in between the reeds, well worth the trip.