26/07/2013 Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire

Caspian Tern: OH YES!

One tern deserves another, I have had two cracking terns in one month, this little stunner and the Bridal Tern on Farne.

I've been chasing this carrot nose for the past two days, first I went on to Acre Nook, Chelford on the Thursday once I found out the bird had been there.

I arrived at 10ish and left around 12ish, without any sign of the bird. Feeling a bit deflated I decided to rent a movie, buy a bar of chocolate and stop in with Dawn. After watching the movie I checked my phone and saw a txt of Tony saying the tern had made another appearance at Arce Nook.

That night I checked Facebook and saw that a flock of twitchers had descended on the place and saw the bird. I was totally gutted, the movie was Looper it was OK but I would swap that for my first Caspian Tern.
I then went back to the Nook at 6am this morning and waited a few hours without any sign.  But alas the bird turned up at Rubyard and after a bit of persuasion I bombed it down and finally bagged the bird.

I also spotted this Spot Fly as I was leaving, It was in a small wood at the far end of the lake near the boat house.