04/08/2013 Browsholme Hall, Clitheroe

Two Barred Crossbill: A quick after-work twitch from Chorlton Water Park to Clitheroe with a cracking rspb volunteer, Tanmay.
I was offered a lift this morning, but I was unable to go due to work and I felt gutted, so  last minute once we had finished at Chrolton, we packed up and we decided to just go for it. I was told that the bird had not been showing since 7am and the guys who offered me the lift dipped on the bird, so I wasn't feeling optimistic.
As soon as Tanmay and I arrived the bird was showing incredibly well on the feeders and on the TV aerial. I was later told the bird started making an appearance from around 2.11pm, so I guess we got lucky!

As I stood waiting for the bird to reappear some body said 'how funny that you got Two Barred Crossbill before Common Crossbill'

Yeah that's right I still need Common Crossbill!